RolandSYS-555 LAG / Sample & Hold


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Roland System-500 555

Five in one, one in five, no one here gets out without core utility functions. Roland's System-500 555 melds the influence of the System-100m's 150 and 165 to create a compelling structure comprised of traditional and esoteric modulation sources that promote a vast array of possible configurations in a mere 16HP. With the 555, users have access to ring modulation, sample & hold functionality with 7 possible waveforms, an integrated LPF, white and pink noise, two portamento circuits, and an LFO with its own envelope and VCA.

System-500 510 Features

  • Comprehensive modulation configuration
  • Inspired by System-100m's 150 and 165 modules
  • Ring modulator
  • Sample & Hold with 7 waveforms
  • LPF section
  • White and pink noise
  • 2 portamento circuits
  • LFO section with envelope and VCA
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