RolandSYS-540 Dual Envelope Generator + LFO


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Roland System-500 540

As a part of the Roland System-500 system, there's great flexibility and power within this module. With a high quality build and a surprisingly affordable price point, the System-500 modules make a great addition or centerpiece for any modular system.

Roland System-500 540 Modular 2 Envelope LFO is an outstanding multi-use modulation source. The System-500 540 boasts two seperate ADSR envelope sections to produce variable voltages for use with other Eurorack systems, sych as a filter, VCA, or oscillator. The different sections are capable of being triggered in three ways - externally, internally, or manually - with unique jacks for each envelope, as well as having an inverted output. The 540 also features a VC LFO with five waveform outputs.

System-500 540 Features

  • Dual ADSR Envelopes and built in LFO
  • Manual push buttons for tactile performance
  • Toggle switch to loop the envelope, creating a complex LFO
  • Toggle switch between Fast and Slow envelope lengths
  • External Gate/Trigger inputs
  • Square, Triangle, Saw, Ramp, and Sine waves outputs
  • Frequency control knob with CV input for LFO
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 16HP
  • Depth: 2-5/16"", 58mm
  • Current Draw: 85mA@+12V, 50mA@-12V
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Roland SYS-540 Dual Envelope Generator + LFO Reviews