RolandSYS-521 Dual Low Pass VCF + Mixer


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Roland System-500 521

As a part of the Roland System-500 system, there's great flexibility and power within this module. With a high quality build and a surprisingly affordable price point, the System-500 modules make a great addition or centerpiece for any modular system.

The Roland System-500 521 is a fully analog Dual VCF with a surprisingly affordable price tag, and outstanding ability. This module features two individual low pass filters for audio sources, each with frequency cutoff, resonance, and a semi-fixed high pass filter with two interchangeable positions. The Audio & CV input mixers on each channel allow the blending of multiple sound / modulation sources.

System-500 521 Features

  • Three audio inputs for both VCFs
  • Frequency and Resonance controls for both VCFs
  • Two Frequency CV inputs with dedicated amount sliders
  • Toggle Switches for changing filters to Highpass filters
  • 1v/Oct tracking input
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