RolandSYS-510 Synthesizer Voice


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Roland System-500 510

Roland's System-500 510 is a single voice module based on the System-100m's 110 VCO/VCA module. In addition to three top-quality waveforms, the module sports a LPF with hi-pass switches and a multi-output VCA. Additionally, there are inputs for both modulation and external signals, as well as outputs for both eurorack and line audio levels. Best of all, the module is internally normalized for patch-cord-free operation. Whether a beginner or a veteran, the 510 is sure to carve a special place in the ol' heart.

System-500 510 Features

  • Self-contained synthesizer voice
  • Based on System-100m VCO and VCA
  • 3 waveforms
  • LPF with hi-pass switches
  • Internal normalization negates the need for patch cords
  • Outputs for eurorack and line-level signals
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