Random SourceSerge Dual Universal Slope Generator MK2 (DSG)


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Random Source Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator

The Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator attained mythical status long ago for its simple yet incredibly deep feature-set. Having served as the inspiration for some of Eurorack’s most popular modules (Make Noise Maths and Befaco Rampage being just two examples), it was high time Random Source updated the DSG for the discerning Eurorack user.

Like the rest of Random Source’s Euro Serge modules, the Dual Universal Slope Generator is undeniably retro, yet packs features not even found in Maths! Indeed, the DSG’s left slope generator can reach frequencies up to 10 kHz and features a 50% duty cycle Pulse output, making this side ideal for use as a fat square-wave VCO. The DSG also offers extensive control over Rise and Fall times and extreme snappiness when used as an envelope. Furthermore, this module will stand toe-to-toe with other slope generators as an LFO, envelope follower, portamento, and more!

Dual Universal Slope Generator Features

  • Rise, Fall, Both, and 1V/Oct CV inputs
  • Cycle and Linear/Expo switches
  • New Pulse output with 50% duty cycle
  • Bipolar slope output
  • End of cycle outputs
  • Serge-style panel graphics
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 26hp
  • Module depth: 40 mm
  • Power consumption: 90 mA @ +12V, 80 mA@ -12V
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Random Source Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator MK2 (DSG) Reviews