Make Noise0-Coast Desktop Modular Synth


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Make Noise 0-Coast

The 0-Coast from Make Noise, (sometimes called the no-coast), is a new standalone modular synth, that can be integrated into a eurorack system, or left by itself as a desktop unit. It implements synthesis styles from both the "east" coast style, (in the tradition of western music), and the "west coast," (more abstract, less traditional, focus on experimentation), providing one of the most versatile full systems on the market. It has a classic oscillator, but attached is two waveshaping circuits, providing both subtractive-friendly waveshapes, as well as additive-friendly waveshapes. There are two envelopes, one reminiscent of the east coast style, being an A(D)SR-staged envelope, with the other being a loopable Rise-Fall envelope commonly used in Buchla and Serge systems. There is a tap-tempo clock, and random stepped output for modulation and synchronization. It can also function with no patch cables, with an internal routing system that provides the classic VCO - Timbral control - VCA + Envelope patch for easy plug and play capabilities.

0-Coast Features

  • 2 Channels of MIDI to CV and MIDI to Gate
  • Dual mode MIDI Controlled Arpeggiator
  • Sync to MIDI Clock
  • Compatible w/ Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Signals
  • Patchable w/ 13 Sources and 14 Destinations
  • Triangle Core Analog VCO
  • Uncommon Timbral Animation using OVERTONE & MULTIPLY
  • Unique Transistor Based Low Pass Gate DYNAMICS
  • Voltage Control of all circuits
  • External Audio Input for combining w/ outside sounds
  • Headphone and Line Level Amplifier
  • Small Rugged Steel Enclosure

Downloads: Make Noise 0-Coast Manual

  • Standalone Unit
  • Power: +15V DC, 2.1mm Tip
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Product Demo Videos
0-Coast Semi-Modular Synthesizer Expansion
The Make Noise 0-Coast is an excellent way to get started with modular synthesis, providing all the key components of a typical modular synth in a small form factor and at an awesome price. One of the best things about the 0-Coast (or any semi-modular synth) is that it is easily expandable—it can interface directly with any CV-capable gear to instantly extend its functionality.

In this video, we explore some of the common ways of expanding the 0-Coast: with external sequencing (a la Korg's SQ-1 step sequencer), extra modulation sources (via Make Noise's Maths), and the addition of a traditional filter (in this case, Electrosmith's 2144 Lowpass Filter). Of course, there are tons of other ways to expand the 0-Coast; but these are some of our favorite ways to instantly take it into much broader territory.
Make Noise 0-Coast Presentation at Perfect Circuit Audio
Bana Haffar & Eric "Rodent" Cheslak present the new 0-Coast desktop modular synth at the Perfect Circuit Audio store in Burbank, CA.
Make Noise 0-Coast Demo
Demo of the Make Noise 0-Coast sequenced by an Arturia Beatstep Pro.
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