Intellijel DesignsPlanar 2 Vector Mixer + Quad Panner


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Intellijel Planar 2

The Planar 2 is an enhanced and overhauled version of Intellijel's ever-popular vector joystick module. Like the original, it offers intuitive joystick-controlled three-dimensional mixing of up to four CV or audio inputs, making it an ideal hub for a complex feedback patch or as a quadraphonic panner.

Planar 2, however, offers huge improvements over the original! The all-new motion record feature allows a user to repeatedly loop or trigger gestures up to 30 seconds in duration, allowing for use as a complex LFO, envelope, and more. It also features all-new CV control modes which emulate circular motions and allow a user to scan through segments of recorded CV, as well as an added ABCD CV mode which provides a different response from the traditional X/Y mode. In a mere 14 hp, the Planar 2 can open up entirely new dimensions of patching, routing, and CV mixing!

Planar 2 Features

  • Vector mixing of up to four CV or audio inputs
  • Outputs provide joystick-controlled voltage offsets when unpatched
  • X and Y outputs with uni/bipolar switching
  • Gate output when manually triggered or when joystick is in motion
  • Play/record enable CV input
  • Manual motion play and record buttons
  • Up to 30 seconds of motion recording
  • One-shot and looping motion playback modes
  • Two CV inputs with attenuverters and mode switching between A-D and X/Y control
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  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14 hp
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Current Draw: 85mA @ +12V, 32mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Intellijel Planar 2 Eurorack Joystick Controller
The Intellijel Planar 2 is an update of the Planar joystick controller with added recording functions to record your joystick movements and trigger button pushes, the recording can be played back in a loop or triggered as a one shot. The planar outputs 6 CVs and a gate, and can also be used to mix four signals to one or one signal to four. We also used the Morgasmatron filter in this video.
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