Intellijel DesignsRainmaker 16-Tap Stereo Spectral Resonating Delay


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Intellijel Rainmaker

The Rainmaker, from Intellijel and Cylonix, is a complex effects processing system for Eurorack synthesizers. It contains a stereo comb resonator and stereo delay using a 96kHz sampling rate with internal 32-bit depth processing for studio quality effects. The Rainmaker has 16 different delay taps that all have their own granular pitch shifter and resonant filter. With the 16 different filters and cutoff frequencies, one can patch a 16 frequency modal resonator. Each of the 16 taps can be rerouted back into the delay for variable feedback per delay tap. The feedback also has built in filters to adjust the tone of the repeating delays. The 16 granular pitch shifters have a range of 16 semitones down, and 15 semitones up. The delay times can range from extremely short (about 0.1 millisecond) to fairly long (about 20 seconds). There is also a master delay time clock that can be adjusted with the tap tempo button, synchronized to another clock signal, or just by turning the encoder knob.

After all this, the entire mix is then fed into 64 time-delayed taps that are all mixed together. The density of this comb resonator can be controlled between 2 to 64 delay taps, with the longest delay time fedback into the input. With high feedback and short comb sizes, Karplus-Strong synthesis is available. With the 1V/Oct input, the comb size (and therefore pitch) can be adjusted to track musically.

With all this is extensive voltage control over most parameters. Delay times, feedback, global pitch, comb resonator size, are all modulatable, as well as two global parameters called Mod A and Mod B, which can be assigned variously through the panel's screen. In short, there is almost nothing this module cannot do.

Intellijel Rainmaker Features

  • 96KHz, 24-bit (32-bit internal) signal processing
  • Most parameters are controllable by external control voltages, either directly or through the two auxiliary modulation inputs (MODA, MODB)
  • 128 Factory preset and 128 User preset storage
  • (audio-rate) randomization of all parameters, or selectable subsets
  • 2nd order resonant multi-mode filter (LP,BP,HP) with adjustable cutoff frequency and resonance
  • Level and Balance setting, with quick mute capability
  • Delay line feedback can be taken from any of the 16 taps (pre-filter) or from the sum of the 16 taps (post-filter)
  • Delay line feedback has its own granular pitch shifter and 1st-order tone filter
  • Global delay time can be set either by manual entry with the encoder, or by an external clock (with adjustable clock divider), or by tap tempo button.
  • Individual tap delays are set according to one of 16 preset patterns (grooves)
  • Global delay time modulation by an LFO with 8 selectable waveforms
  • Delay times range from 0.1 millisecond to 20 seconds.
  • Delay buffer freeze and reverse
  • Taps can be piled on top of each other to give complex filtering and chord effects
  • Global pitch shift control which transposes the delay line output by +/- 1 octave
  • Comb can have between 1 and 64 taps allowing for complex resonances
  • Three different nonlinear comb feedback structures for spectral shaping
  • Comb is pingable to give physically-modeled guitar, sitar, clarinet(ish) types of sounds
  • 16 different comb tap spacing patterns
  • Global comb time can be set either by manual entry with the encoder, or by an external clock (with adjustable clock divider), or by a 1v/oct control voltage.
  • Global comb time modulation by an LFO with 8 selectable waveforms
  • Comb times range from 0.1 millisecond to 20 seconds.
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 36HP
  • Depth: 0.5"
  • Current Draw: 270mA@+12V, 24mA@-12V
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Jacob put together a modular system designed to provide different vocal effects and processing, as well as two smaller "control pods" for Katrina to use as she performs.

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Intellijel Designs Rainmaker 16-Tap Stereo Spectral Resonating Delay Reviews