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Intellijel Designs Quad VCA

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Intellijel Quad VCA

Intellijel’s brand new Quad VCA can be used as a four individual VCAs, or as a four-channel mixer. The module offers users the ability to route each individual channel to a separate destination in their system, or use the Mix out for a sum of all four signals. The module features a continually adjustable linear to exponential response curve, and a Boost switch that adds up to 6dB of gain to each channel.   

Quad VCA Features

  • Four normalled outputs for submixes or amplification
  • Up to +6dB gain per channel
  • Continuously adjustable responseper VCA from linear to exponential.
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: 29mm
  • Current Draw: 65mA@+12V, 65mA@-12V
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