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Intellijel Dual ADSR

The circuit inside Intellijel’s Dual ADSR module is partially based on that of the Roland SH-101/System 100m (hence the sliders), but with a couple of modifications. Each of the module’s channels features three timing ranges (1 second, 10 seconds, and a 1 minute AD loop), an EOD output, manual Gate buttons, and both normal and inverted envelope outputs. There is also a retrig input on each channel that will re-trigger the envelope whenever the gate at the input is high enough.

Dual ADSR Features

  • Manual GATE buttons
  • Three timing ranges: (1 second, 10second, 1minute A/D times)
  • Normal and inverted outputs
  • End of Decay (EOD) logic output
  • Cycle mode (which GATE logic control)
  • Retrig input (allows re-triggering of the envelope if source gate held high)
  • Dynamic control of the envelope output level (each ADSR is routed through a linear VCA and the control is normalled to +5V via the LEVEL jack. You can patch another control source like an LFO or VELOCITY level from a keyboard to this jack.
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 14 HP
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current Draw: 60mA @ +12V, 49mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Intellijel Dual ADSR demo 1
The Intellijel Dual ADSR:

-Based on the Roland SH-101 design with several enhancements.
-Manual GATE buttons
-Three timing ranges
-Normal and inverted outputs
-End of Decay (EOD) logic output
-Cycle mode
-Dynamic level control of each ADSR output level via built in linear VCA
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