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Intellijel DesignsMorgasmatron Dual Multimode VCF / Crossfader


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Intellijel Morgasmatron

Morgasmatron is the third iteration of Intellijel's renowned Korgasmatron VCF. Like previous versions, Morgasmatron was designed in collaboration with David Dixon. While technically the Korgasmatron 3, the module adds so much functionality that its designers opted for a brand new name. Upgrades include re-tuned filters, a modern overdrive circuit, an extra burly Q-drive, enhanced crossfade options, and deep ring modulation capabilities.

Morgasmatron boasts dual independent six-mode filter sections, each equipped with mode-select knob, cutoff and resonance controls, and both Q-drive and gain controls. Each section also features independent inputs and outputs and a pair of CV ins—one for the cutoff and one for the resonance. Speaking of resonance, Morgasmatron is capable of self-oscillation at higher settings, producing two pitched sine waves that track its independent 1V/Oct inputs).

Since each filter has its own separate control section, they can be used independently or in parallel. The implementation of a XFade and XFade CV input pushes things even further by enabling smooth cross-fading between the sections. Additional features include the ability to bypass one or both filters using the corresponding Dry switch, overdrive Filter A, or invert the phase of Filter B.

Morgasmatron Features

  • Dual VCF sections
  • Direct descendent of Korgasmatron with enhanced functionality
  • 2 filter sections with 6 filter types
  • Crossfading abilities for enhanced creativity
  • Hard and soft clipping for harmonic saturation
  • Self-oscillating resonance enables use as a dual VCO
  • FM and Q-Drive controls
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 20HP
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Product Demo Videos
Intellijel Morgasmatron: Unfiltered Possibilities (Filter Demo With No Talking)
This is the third generation of Intellijel’s much loved Korgasmatron filter designed in collaboration with David G. Dixon.

The Morgasmatron features two completely independent six-mode filters (labeled “A” and “B”) — each with its own mode-select knob, input, output, cutoff, resonance, Q-drive and gain control. Each filter has a pair of CV inputs (one with a built-in attenuator and the other with a built-in attenuverter) for modulating cutoff, and another CV input for modulating resonance. Both filters self-oscillate at maximum Q, and produce pitched sine waves that track the two separate 1V/OCT inputs.

You can use the two filters independently of one another, or you can use them together (in either a series or parallel connection) and smoothly crossfade between them using either the XFADE knob or the XFADE CV input and built-in attenuverter. You can flip the DRY switches to instantly bypass either or both filters; invert the phase of Filter B; or overdrive Filter A by switching on the new Overdrive circuit. A MIX output provides (as you might suspect) a mixed output of the two filters.
Intellijel Designs Morgasmatron Dual Multimode VCF / Crossfader Reviews