Intellijel DesignsSteppy 4-Track Gate Sequencer


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Intellijel Designs Steppy

Steppy from Intellijel is a 4-track gate sequencer for eurorack modular synths. It features eight stored memory slots, malleable parameters, external clocking, and a decidedly performance-focused interface. Each of Steppy’s tracks features its own length, gate length, swing setting, delay setting, and probability control. Track lengths range from 1 to 64 steps, gate lengths range from very short to very long (extending all the way to tied gates), swing offsets the timing of every subsequent step, and probability determined the likelihood that the gate will fire when selected.

Programming Steppy is easy, simply enter or tap the active steps in real time or modify them as needed while the sequence plays. An aptly-named Select button facilitates direct access to each track and the 16 steps therein. From there, users can expediently mute/unmute tracks, clear and recall patterns, and enable an exclusive performance mode—called “Loopy”—that creates a loop from any two priorly-selected gate steps.

Steppy Features

  • 4-track gate sequencer with internal memory
  • Eight internal memory slots for easy access to saved patterns
  • Independent length for each track from 1 to 64 steps
  • Perfect for polyrthythms, fills, and "Clapping Music"-style phasing
  • Independent clock dividers for each track
  • Independent swing for each track
  • Independent gate delay for each track
  • Independent probability control for each track
  • Independent shifting (rotating) for each track
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 15mA @ +12V, <1mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Intellijel Steppy Compact Eurorack Gate Sequencer
The Intellijel Steppy is a 4 channel 64 step gate sequencer in only 8hp. There is also a 1U version available for Intellijel cases with 1U rows.

Each track on the Steppy can have its own length, clock division, swing, gate delay and probability. The tracks can also be shifted in relation to each other to change up the patterns. The Steppy can also do ratcheting and has save slots.
Producing and Perusing Patterns With Steppy 3U
Steppy has a number of quick and easy shortcuts to create patterns, but can also store up to 8 patterns. Steppy will automatically reload the last saved or loaded pattern the next time it powers up. Saved patterns are great for creating basic rhythms to use as departure points, or to set up the structure of a song or live set in advance.
Intellijel Designs Steppy 4-Track Gate Sequencer Reviews