Expert SleepersES-3 MK4 Lightpipe to CV Interface


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Expert Sleepers ES-3 MK4

The Expert Sleepers ES-3 mk4 converts up to eight channels of ADAT Lightpipe to 3.5mm DC coupled output jacks, effectively allowing for an accurate connection between one’s DAW and Eurorack modular synthesizer system.  

The module’s outputs can be used for both audio and CV, and it works very effectively with Silent Way. Connecting the module to a DAW is as simple as connecting an optical cable—and from there users can send CV to their entire system via their DAW. 

ES-3 MK4 Features

    • Illuminated jack sockets
    • Less deep than previous mk3 version


    • Panel width: 8HP
    • Module depth: 53mm
    • Input connection: optical, ADAT Lightpipe standard
    • D/A conversion: 24 bit, 105dB SNR typical
    • Output connections: 8x 3.5mm jacks, DC-coupled
    • Maximum output voltage: approximately ±10V DC
    • Indicators: LED for ADAT clock sync; 2 LEDs per channel indicate output voltage (+ve/-ve)
    • Current draw: 145mA on the +12V rail, 45mA on the -12V rail (190mA total)
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    Expert Sleepers ES-3 MK4 Lightpipe to CV Interface Reviews