BuchlaBanana Shorting Bar


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Buchla Banana Shorting Bar

This banana jack shorting bar is a perfect way to make modulation connections in a Buchla Music Easel or Easel Command. Of course, it's also compatible with any modular instrument that uses 3/4" spacing between its banana jacks—so many Serge systems may also benefit from having a handful of these around.

Whether using Buchla or Serge synths, keep your patches decluttered and efficient using these blue banana shorting bars from Buchla.

Banana Shorting Bar Features

  • Shorting bar for use with banana-format modular synthesizers
  • Designed with the Buchla Music Easel and Easel Command in mind
  • Physically compatible with Serge modules with 0.75" banana jack spacing
  • Banana shorting bar for Buchla Music Easel & Easel Command
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