BuchlaProgram Manager Card for Music Easel + Easel Command + 208c


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Buchla Program Manager Card

Love your Buchla Music Easel, Easel Command, or 208c but really crave instant preset recall? Then the handy Program Manager Card is just the thing you need. With 48 preset memory slots, all of your favorite 208 sounds can be recalled at an instant, unlocking way more performance flexibility out of your instrument.

The Program Manager Card works in tandem with a companion software for Mac and Windows computers, where you can design your own custom Easel presets from scratch. The Program Manager software updates parameters on your Easel in real time—so, you can always hear your settings as you design a program. Once you've dialed in a sound to your liking, the Program Manager software serves as both the necessary tool for flashing the card and an extended librarian tool for countless MIDI Sysex presets—whether made by yourself or other Easel users out in the world!

Breathe some new life into your Buchla Easel with the Program Manager card.

Program Manager Card Features

  • Preset recall card for Buchla 208c, Easel Command, and Music Easel
  • 48 preset slots
  • Stores presets created in companion Program Manager software for Mac and Windows computers
  • Compatible with 2013-2017 Music Easels via DIY modification
  • Designed for Buchla 208c, Easel Command and Music Easel
  • Compatibility with 2013-2017 Music Easels with DIY modification
  • Program Manager software compatibility: Mac OSX 10.12+, Windows 7 or 10, 64-bit
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Product Demo Videos
Program Manager Tutorial
A complete tutorial from basic installation to using the Program Manager Application, turning on “remote" mode, and, of course, programming presets. Details on designing presets, and explicit instructions on saving and loading single presets and complete banks of 48 presets are all covered. From 0 to expert in 10 minutes! Of course, this is software, so the Application will be updated with new features moving forward. Some of the graphics here may no exactly match what you see, but the concepts are still true. Details and downloads at https://buchla.com/programmanager/
Buchla Program Manager Card for Music Easel + Easel Command + 208c Reviews