BuchlaTiniCable 3.58mm Audio Patch Cable

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Buchla TiniCable

Whether you're patching within your Easel Command or among other Buchla modules, your audio routing gets the snug fit it deserves with official Buchla TiniCable patch cables. Despite their similar appearance to 3.5mm jacks, audio signals on Buchla instruments utilize the Tini-Jax connector format, which is slightly larger and subtly different than those commonly found on Eurorack modules and other contemporary patchable instruments. TiniCables are the obvious match for your Buchla instrument, and will fit securely into your jacks to ensure optimal signal transfer and consistent activation of normalizations.

Note: TiniCables are NOT suitable for use with standard 3.5mm jacks on Eurorack modules. They are physically incompatible and attempting to patch with them will risk damaging the cable and/or the module.

TiniCable Features

  • 3.58mm Tini-Jax patch cable
  • Ideal for audio signals on Buchla instruments
  • Available in lengths ranging from 8" to 60"
  • Color-coded by length
  • 3.58mm Tini-Jax TS patch cable
Buchla TiniCable 3.58mm Audio Patch Cable Reviews