Black CorporationDeckard's Dream Mk2 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Module


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Black Corporation Deckard's Dream MK2

Deckard's Dream Mk2 is a reimagining of the famous Yamaha CS-80, now with a smaller footprint and available as both desktop or rackmount format. And, like the original Deckard's Dream, it is fully MPE-compatible—making it a spectacularly expressive instrument when paired with an appropriate controller. It's perfect for soaring leads and deep, brassy, Vangelis-style pads.

DDRM Mk2 features eight voices of polyphony, each with two VCOs with discrete waveshapers and noise source. These can be shaped by analog low pass and high pass filters with independent cutoff and resonance. The filters are modulated by the DD's unique multi-segment envelope generators. Each layered VCO features a VCA with a dedicated ADSR envelope. Mk2 adds additional control over the envelope sustain modes and timing. And of course, with two simultaneous layers of sound available at once, you can create staggeringly huge sounds—and DDRM Mk2 even features special controls for layer detuning and other ways of creating dynamic motion between each layer of a sound.

Assign polyphonic aftertouch and MPE to filter cutoff and amplifier settings. MPE can also be assigned to parameters such the LFO functions and pitch bend, making it possible to develop your own personal means of playing the instrument with expressive nuance. Store up to 128 presets in three banks which allow you to streamline the compositional process.

Deckard's Dream Mk2 now features a smaller footprint than the original without sacrificing any of the features. It can be used in desktop formation or mounted in a 19" rack with rack ears.

Deckard's Dream MK2 Features

  • Eight-voice analog synth based on the iconic CS-80
  • New revised design with considerably smaller foorprint than DD MK1
  • Desktop-format enclosure with wooden end cheeks and rack ears included
  • MPE-compatible for expressive performance
  • All-analog voice structure
  • Analog oscillator, lowpass filter, highpass filter, noise generator, multi-segment envelopes, and VCA per layer
  • Two layers per voice for thick, dynamic layering of timbres
  • Global controls for pitch, layer 2 detuning, independent keyboard range per layer, layer balance, and global filter settings
  • New controls for sustain modes and timing
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Audio out: 1x 1/4", 1x headphone
  • MIDI: In/Out/Thru via 5-pin DIN, USB
  • Power: 12VDC, 2A center positive PSU (included)
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Black Corporation Deckard's Dream Mk2 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Module Reviews