ASMHydrasynth Desktop Digital Synthesizer


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Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth

Ashun Sound Machines introduces Hydrasynth, an eight-voice polyphonic wave-morphing synthesizer with three oscillators per voice, seemingly endless amount of modulation options, and many other unique features such as Mutators. Besides traditional analog modeling, oscillators 1 and 2 sport a Wavescanning feature, which allows you to smoothly scan through hundreds of waveshapes at will. Mutators open up the potential for even more extreme sound shaping with PWM, FM, and more. Then there are two filters: a multi-algorithm multimode, and a classic morphing state-variable 12dB/oct, which can be routed in parallel, and in series. Hydrasynth also has a ton of effects, from Delays to Reverbs to Flangers, and much more.

The modulation section is equipped with a comprehensive Mod Matrix, five LFOs, and five loopable DAHDSR envelopes with definable Curve and BPM value for each segment. Eight assignable Macros can be used for advanced control over multiple parameters. Although creating new sounds on Hydrasynth is very intuitive, the synth also features a Randomizer that can be applied as to individual modules, as well as to the whole patch itself.

The desktop version of Hydrasynth is equipped with a grid of poly aftertouch-enabled sensitive pads. More than that, the synthesizer also includes a complex arpeggiator with comprehensive options for the note sequencing, direction, and probability.

Hydrasynth Features

  • Eight-voice polyphonic wave morphing synthesizer
  • RGB backlit pads with polyphonic aftertouch
  • Easy scale definition for pads with an enormous number of pre-defined scales
  • OLED displays for waveform visualization and patch editing/performance display
  • Endless encoders with LED rings
  • Arpeggiator with complex control options
  • Assignable Macro controls per patch
  • Open-ended modulation matrix with up to 32 paths
  • Three oscillators per voice with 219 selectable waveforms
  • Oscillators 1 and 2 offer Wave Scanning
  • Four Mutators per voice, allowing FM, PWM, Sync, Harmonic scanning, and more
  • Uncommonly flexible ring modulator and noise section
  • Two filters per voice, with parallel or series configurations
  • Filter 1 offers several different modes, including LPG and Formant
  • Filter 2: classic state-variable 12dB/octave morphing filter
  • Five looping DAHDSR envelopes with option for relating segment duration to current BPM
  • Five complex LFOs
  • Integrated delay, reverb, and various modulation effects
  • CV & Gate I/O for easy integration into modular synth workflows
  • Global & per module randomization and initialization always accessible straight on the front panel, complete with intelligent randomization features
  • Easy access to each module's internal parameters via Module Select buttons
  • MIDI: In/Out/Thru & MIDI via USB-B
  • CV/Gate: I/O at standard selectable Eurorack levels via 3.5mm jacks
  • Headphones: 1/4" and 3.5mm
  • Outputs: Stereo 1/4"
  • Sustain: 1/4" input
  • Expression: assignable 1/4" input
  • PSU: 12VDC, included
  • Rack ears included
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Product Demo Videos
ASM Hydrasynth Desktop Standalone And With Eurorack
ASM's Hydrasynth comes in a keyboard version as well as this desktop version. The pads are velocity and polyphonic aftertouch sensitive and they can be laid out in a chromatic mode, fretboard mode or octave mode where only the notes of the current scale are playable.

Both versions of the Hydrasynth have CV ins and outs which can be used to control or sync eurorack gear to the Hydrasynth. The CV inputs are even audio rate so you can run external sounds into the Hydrasynth with them.
ASM Hydrasynth Oscillator + Mutator In Depth Tutorial
ASM's Hydrasynth is a tremendously powerful digital synthesizer with its own rich set of options for sound design. It uses a unique sonic vocabulary throughout, offering deep options that any synthesist will love exploring. The oscillators provide 219 waveshapes and the option for WaveScanning—a wavetable-like technique for smooth wave morphing.

Each Hydrasynth voice also features four Mutators (or Mutants)...processes that enable classic effects like FM, sync, and PWM. The Mutators take each of these techniques into far deeper territory than typically possible, however, often transforming these familiar tricks into something entirely new.

Even without touching the filters or effects, the Hydrasynth is an incredibly powerful instrument.
Deep Sound Design Tricks with the ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe
In this sound design deep dive, Jacob shares a few of his favorite tricks for crafting patches on the ASM Hydrasynth.
Most of these tips can be applied to any version of the Hydrasynth, meaning that regardless of your preferred flavor of Hydrasynth, you can be sure you've got one of the most capable sound engines around.
ASM Hydrasynth Desktop Digital Synthesizer Reviews