ALM Busy CircuitsMega-Tang Stereo Mixer + 4-Channel VCA


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ALM Busy Circuits Mega-Tang

The ALM Busy Circuits Mega-Tang is a four-channel stereo mixer / VCA module for Eurorack modular synthesizers, and it was designed specifically with live performance in mind. With a straightforward set of controls and all the functionality you'd hope to see in a compact performance mixer, Mega-Tang might just be the module that ties your whole system together.

Mega-Tang's core is its four clean, 2164-based linear VCA circuits. Each VCA features an individual output, making Mega-Tang great for general-purpose VCA duties...but each VCA is also normalled to the master stereo output as well. Patching from an individual channel output will remove that channel from the main mix—meaning that you can use Mega-Tang both for straightforward mixing and more utilitarian VCA duties simultaneously.

Each of Mega-Tang's individual channels offers manual panning, manual control of effect send level, and manual as well as voltage control over channel signal level. When using an external control voltage to automate a channel's level, the level knob suddenly becomes an attenuator, helping to fine-tune the balance between channels. The effect send offers a mono send and stereo return, great for adding external processing for any or all channels...say, from your ALM MFX?

Lastly, each channel on Mega-Tang features a manual mute button with dedicated LED for easily seeing which channels are muted at a glance. ALM took special care to design a mute circuit which helps to avoid unwanted clicks/pops when muting/unmuting, making these quite useful controls for live performance.

All in all? Mega-Tang seems like basically everything you could want in an end-of-chain Eurorack audio mixer, with plenty of extra tricks up its sleeve as well. If you're trying to tie your entire system together, it's one of the most straightforward, playable, and generally useful designs out there.

Mega-Tang Features

  • 4-channel VCA / Stereo mixer for Eurorack modular synthesizers
  • Like an extended version of the popular Tangle Quartet quad know, a Mega-Tangle Quartet
  • Per-channel control of signal level, panning, and effect send level
  • Manual mutes per channel
  • Mute circuits are intentionally designed to minimize unwanted clicks when muting/unmuting
  • Voltage control of level for each channel
  • Channel level control acts as attenuator when external CV is connected
  • Extremely clean linear VCA design based on V2164 ICs
  • Mono send/stereo return
  • Left return input normalled to right return for used with external mono effects
  • Individual channel outputs
  • Individual outs remove channel from main mix when patched
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 125mA @ +12V, 125mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Introducing MEGA-TANG - ALM033
The ‘MEGA-TANG’ is a 4-channel linear VCA and stereo mixer providing per input control over level, effect send, pan and muting. Designed for live use in mind with a simple & compact layout, the ‘MEGA-TANG’ builds on the clean and transparent sounding Tangle Quartet VCA by adding a stereo mix output, effect sends, manual panning, soft mute buttons with LED indicators and an expansion port for future expandability.
ALM Busy Circuits Mega-Tang Stereo Mixer + 4-Channel VCA Reviews