ZoomXYH-6 Stereo Microphone Capsule


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Zoom XYH-6

The Zoom XYH-6 stereo microphone capsule features two unidirectional microphones and is great for capturing a stereo-field with a strong center point. The cardioid microphones are most sensitive to signals coming from the front and less sensitive to the sides and rear. The microphones can be configured at 90 degrees or 120 degrees for a wider stereo spread. The XYH-6 is compatible with Zoom's U-44, H5, H6, F4, F8, Q8, as well as ECM-3 extension cable for microphone capsules.

XYH-6 Features

  • Stereo microphone capsule
  • Dual cardioid microphones
  • Mics can be set at 90 or 120 degrees
  • Microphone capsule for select Zoom recorders
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Zoom XYH-6 Stereo Microphone Capsule Reviews