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XAOC Devices Belgrad Dual Peak Filter

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XAOC Belgrad

The XAOC Devices Belgrad is a unique take on a dual-peak filter. The module affords control over the balance and frequency displacement parameters of each of its dual resonant peaks. Master controls over resonance and center frequency, plus a variety of CV inputs, allow for even greater control. 

Additionally, the module contains ten separate filter modes allowing for everything from low-pass to high-pass to band-pass filtering, and much more. 

Belgrad Features

  • Filter with dual resonant peak and combined frequency and resonance controls
  • Individual manual and CV control for peak Span, Balance, and Resonance
  • 1V/Oct and FM inputs
  • Ten filter modes available
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14HP
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Current Draw: 45mA @ +12V / 42mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
XAOC Devices Belgrad Demo
The XAOC Belgrad is a new step in the development of musical dual-peak filters, offering unprecedented ease of use and clarity of control for everything from standard filter sweeps to formant-like snarls to resonant whistling.

Belgrad offers control of balance and frequency displacement of its two resonant peaks, with master controls for center frequency and resonance unlike some of its predecessors. Combine this with its ten filter modes and variety of CV inputs and you have a powerful tool ready to shape your tone in a variety of ways, from standard lowpass, highpass, and bandpass behaviors to more exotic forms of coloration.
XAOC Devices Zadar, Batumi, Belgrad And More
We put together a whole system of XAOC Devices modules, including the new Zadar quad envelope generator, two Belgrad filters that can be used as interesting oscillators when self oscillating, and a Kamieniec phase shifter. We also used a Batumi, Drezno and Tirana II for sequencing and modulation. The SSF Entity Percussion Synthesizer provides some drums.

The new Zadar is a powerful digital quad envelope generator with many different envelope shapes that can be warped and modulated. The Zadar can even run at high enough frequencies to be used as a kind of odd wavetable oscillator.
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