XAOC DevicesBelgrad Dual Peak Filter


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XAOC Belgrad

The XAOC Devices Belgrad is a unique take on a dual-peak filter. The module affords control over the balance and frequency displacement parameters of each of its dual resonant peaks. Master controls over resonance and center frequency, plus a variety of CV inputs, allow for even greater control.

Additionally, the module contains ten separate filter modes allowing for everything from low-pass to high-pass to band-pass filtering, and much more.

Belgrad Features

  • Filter with dual resonant peak and combined frequency and resonance controls
  • Individual manual and CV control for peak Span, Balance, and Resonance
  • 1V/Oct and FM inputs
  • Ten filter modes available
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14HP
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Current Draw: 45mA @ +12V / 42mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
XAOC Devices Zadar, Batumi, Belgrad And More
We put together a whole system of XAOC Devices modules, including the new Zadar quad envelope generator, two Belgrad filters that can be used as interesting oscillators when self oscillating, and a Kamieniec phase shifter. We also used a Batumi, Drezno and Tirana II for sequencing and modulation. The SSF Entity Percussion Synthesizer provides some drums.

The new Zadar is a powerful digital quad envelope generator with many different envelope shapes that can be warped and modulated. The Zadar can even run at high enough frequencies to be used as a kind of odd wavetable oscillator.
XAOC Devices Belgrad Dual Peak Filter Reviews