UDOSuper Gemini Polyphonic Hybrid Keyboard Synthesizer


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UDO Super Gemini

UDO somehow goes above and beyond itself with the Super Gemini, a 20-voice binaural polysynth with 61 semi-weighted keys and polyphonic aftertouch. Hear the silky smooth timbres of 20 voices in mono and 10 voices binaurally, the Super Gemini is the centerpiece for any studio. Similar to the Super 6, you get an analog/digital hybrid with DDS oscillators, classic waveshapes, as well as an analog signal path for the filter and VCA.

The Super Gemini gives you four oscillators per voice, each with a main oscillator that has a super wavetable option and a secondary oscillator that has classic waveforms. Each couplet of oscillators features a Mix control along with their own independent filters: both HPF and LPF.

A pair of envelopes can be routed using the internal modulation matrix and you still get the incredible Chorus and Delay, as found on the Super 6. Complete with a ribbon controller, you gain 64 interchangeable waveforms to sculpt the perfect sound along with storage for up to 16 sequences. Super Gemini from UDO is sure to be an instant classic and perfect for someone looking to have a unique centerpiece instrument.

Super Gemini Features

  • 20-voice polysynth
  • 10 Voices in binaural mode
  • 61 Semi-weighted keys
  • Digital analog hybrid
  • FPGA Oscillators with DDS and classic oscillator shapes
  • Bespoke ribbon controller
  • Storage for 16 sequences
  • 64 Interchangeable waveforms
  • 256 Preset storage slots
  • TBD
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UDO Super Gemini Polyphonic Hybrid Keyboard Synthesizer Reviews