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Tiptop AudioBuchla 258t Dual Oscillator

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Tiptop Audio Buchla 258t

In collaboration with Buchla, Tiptop Audio's Buchla series presents the Dual Oscillator Model 258t, the classic dual VCO now presented in the Eurorack format. Recognizing the impact that the Buchla 200 Series had on modular synthesis, sound design, and electronic music in general, the 258t is a nearly-identical replica shrunk down to a 3U size, with rescaled voltage ranges and replacement of the original tini-jax and banana ports with 3.5mm jacks standard on all Eurorack modules.

Meant to interface with other Tiptop Buchla modules and Eurorack systems as a whole, the 258t features inputs for modulating the pitch and waveshape of each oscillator. Looking at them more closely, the only notable difference between the two oscillators is the waveshape control, providing a sine-to-saw shape on oscillator one and a sine-to-square shape on oscillator two. The processing inputs paired with an attenuverter allow for positive or negative pitch scaling, inversion, and even expansion to the broad 5Hz–20kHz frequency range. Incorporate your external Eurorack signals or use each oscillator's extra output with the FM input, providing a fantastic means for achieving clanging bells, monstrous bass, and chaotic cross-modulation as much as a simple vibrato.

This brilliant collaboration of two highly respectable synth entities expands upon the domain in which Buchla exists, and adding a Dual Oscillator 258t to your rack will provide a solid foundation for any sonic creation you pursue.

Buchla 258t Features

  • Revived Buchla Dual Oscillator 258 in Eurorack format
  • Famous 200 Series module with minimal changes for an authentic recreation
  • Each oscillator contains mirrored jacks and controls with only one difference between them: the waveshape control
  • OSC 1's waveshape moves from sine to saw, while OSC 2's waveshape moves from sine to square
  • Tini-jax and bananas have been replaced with 3.5mm Eurorack standard jacks
  • Waveshape controls feature an input for modulation
  • Processing attenuverter for extra scaling, inverting, and expansion of pitch
  • Coarse and fine tune controls sweep the oscillator frequencies range from 5Hz to 20kHz with original "cps" and "kc" description
  • 1V/Oct tracked pitch input
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 45mm
  • Current draw: 70mA @ +12V, 40mA @ -12V
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