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SOMA Laboratory Ether

ETHER by SOMA Laboratories is an anti-radio, perfect for picking up the unwanted electrical interference that is all around us in the modern world. Instead of being tuned to a radio station, it picks up all the radiation and interference that is blocked out by a traditional radio. Early radios did not have a tuning wheel, all the radio stations broadcasted Morse code. Each transmitter had its own timbre or "voice" which could be distinguished by ear. ETHER picks up radio waves simply as they exist in the world, unfiltered and raw, from hertz or gigahertz.

ETHER has electric and magnetic components for sensing radiation and electromagnetic fields. The magnetic antenna is modeled after old long-wave radios and is the most sensitive on ETHER's axis. Changing the positioning and orientation of ETHER will result in different sounds. ETHER also features antennas printed on the circuit board and special input pins attached to the top of the unit. These pins allow you to turn any conductive material (even your skin) into an external antenna.

ETHER includes two wheels that control the sound. The upper wheel controls the amount of regeneration and high-frequency amplification. Adjusting this allows you to focus ETHER on different fields and interference to get the most out of your sonic explorations. The other wheel controls volume. ETHER is not intended as a device to sit in the studio, but rather something that will allow you to gain a new perspective to the world around us. There is a hidden world that we can't normally perceive that ETHER taps into, lifting back the curtain slightly to bring that world to our ears.

Ether Features

  • Anti-radio
  • Picks up electro-magnetic fields and high-frequency radiation
  • Two pins turns anything conductive into an external antenna
  • Electro-magnetic receiver that changes the sound as you move and rotate it
  • Regeneration and high-frequency amplification wheel
  • Volume wheel
  • 3.5mm headphone output
  • Runs on two AAA batteries
  • Dimensions: 105 x 65 x 20mm
  • Power: two AAA batteries (not included)
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