Warm Audio's New Take On Two Classic Effect Pedals

A Psychedelic Phasor and Outrageously Cool Distortion for Your Board

Ryan Gaston · 06/28/23

Warm Audio has long been known in the pro audio world. Their M.O.? They produce high-quality clones of desirable vintage gear, from rare and valuable condenser microphones to studio rack processors and beyond. In recent years, though, they've taken on another corner of the rare/vintage gear market: guitar effect pedals.

Thus far, we've seen Warm approach four classic pedal designs, with their Centavo, Jet Phaser, Warmdrive, and Foxy Tone Box. Warm gives careful attention not only to the circuitry used in these stompboxes—they also meticulously re-create the housings of the originals. This is a thoughtful touch that hasn't been approached by most other companies producing clones of classic effects; paying homage to the originals and preserving an extra bit of "the vibe."

But today, they take on two more classics: one from the original heyday of psychedelic guitar effects, and one more recent, but much-loved design. Let's dive in to see what Warm's two newest pedals are all about—let's talk about the Mutation Phasor II and the ODD Box V1 overdrive.

Swirling Pyschedelia: the Mutation Phasor II

The Warm Audio Mutation Phasor II presents Warm's take of one of our favorite effect pedals of all time: the Mu-Tron Phasor II. Using optical phase shifting technology and an integrated feedback circuit, Warm describes Mutation Phasor II as "an accurate recreation of a funky phaser made famous in the experimental era of the 1970s." Indeed, the original (and its many siblings) had a profound impact on the sound of psychedelic music; if you've ever heard those swimming, swirling, nearly-liquid tripped-out guitar tones, you'll know exactly what we're talking about.

Mutation Phasor II provides a simple control set: you'll get a bypass footswitch, and front-panel controls for LFO rate, LFO depth, and feedback amount. Excellent for classic deep, swirly phasing effects on guitar, bass, or keys, the Mutation Phasor II is a sure way to impart any sound with drippy, trippy texture. You can dial in the sweep rate from a glacial cycle every ten seconds to up to 18 sweeps per second for even more bizarre effects.

True to the original circuit design, the Mutation Phasor II is built with high-quality components, including classic RC4558P op-amps, vintage-style diodes, carbon resistors, and film caps. It's built like a tank and sounds true to its original inspiration...so if you're looking for a new way to add a taste of classic psychedelia to your tone, it's a sure bet.

Modern Classic Overdrive: ODD Box V1

Some overdrive aficionados were dismayed when Fulltone closed its doors in 2022; but happily, Warm is now offering their take on one of Fulltone's classics: introducing the ODD Box V1, or "Over Drive Disorder," a mid-to-high-gain overdrive pedal.

Designed to capture that "cranked amp" tone in a compact package, the ODD is idea for adding boost, breakup, high-gain tones to your guitar rig. Using a hard-clipping, op-amp-based circuit, you'll get sounds surprisingly similar to a saturated tube amp. The ODD box provides you with continuous controls for volume drive and tone, as well as a switch to go between "British" to "American" tube amp-like tones.

The original was famed for its wide sonic range, from subtle clean breakup to dramatic hard-clipped distortion. The ODD box maintains this extreme sonic range through the use of premium components—from the TL082CP op-amp, 2N7000 transistors, and hand-selected capacitors and resistors for as consistent a tone as possible. The all-through-hole construction means easy maintenance if needed, and true-bypass switching keeps your guitar sounding the way it should—no excess coloration when in bypass.

An honorable nod to a modern pedalboard favorite, the ODD Box V1 captures classic tube amp and boutique pedal tone in an accessible, affordable package. If you appreciate the sound of iconic guitarists like Eric Johnson, J Mascis, Paul Gilbert, or countless others, you'll love this pedal.

Something Old, Something New

Warm's takes on classic outboard gear left us breathless—and their approach to recreating classic effect pedals shows a level of care and sincerity often missing from similar clones. One thing is for sure—we can't wait to get our hands on these.