Warm AudioWarmdrive Overdrive Pedal


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Warm Audio Warmdrive

Warm Audio offers their "zen" version of a Dumble Overdrive Special amp-in-a-box with their Warmdrive overdrive pedal, a unique overdrive that lets you adjust your signal pre and post-clipping stages. The Warmdrive is a unique circuit that is based on the prized sound from Dumble amplifiers and the most unique thing about this pedal is the addition of both a Tone and Voice knob. The Voice allows you to adjust your signal's frequency content before it hits the clipping stage, meaning your highs and lows can be adjusted before they get saturated which offers more variety. A Tone knob is what you would expect on most overdrive pedals, it adjusts the signal after getting clipped so you can further refine the frequency content. Dial in glorious clean tones and a veritable cornucopia of overdriven sounds with the Warm Audio Warmdrive and never turn it off.

Warmdrive Features

  • Overdrive modeled after classic Dumble amp-in-a-box pedal
  • Unique Voice knob adjusts frequency before hitting clipping stage
  • Tone, Volume, and Gain for refining
  • True bypass
  • Premium components that match original, 2N7000 MOSFETs, NE5532 Op-Amp, Carbon resistors, and 1N34A Germanium diodes
  • Dimensions: 4.75 x 2.5 x 2.25 in
  • Power Specs: 9VDC 25mA center-negative PSU not included, can be powered by 9V battery
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