Roger Linn DesignLinnstrument 128 Expression Instrument


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Roger Linn Design Linnstrument 128

The Linnstrument 128 is a powerfully expressive MIDI controller specifically oriented towards performance. Each of the Linnstrument’s note pads can sense subtle finger movements in five different ways, allowing users to achieve a level of control similar to that of using an acoustic instrument. The Linnstrument combines the most conveniently-playable aspects of the piano with the violin and other stringed instruments to create a conveniently and tacitly arranged series of pads, complete with custom backlit indicators for easy note/scale identification.

The Linnstrument features a 2-step sequencer, a swing arpeggiator, split functionality for playing two separate sounds across the keyboard, and a Low Row mode, which tells the lowest row of pads to behave like sustain pedals, modulation or bend strips, triggers for the arpeggiator, or even as a tripartite control strip capable of manipulating three parameters at a single time.

Linnstrument 128 Features

  • Step Sequencer - Use LinnStrument's RGB note pads as a powerful 2-track step sequencer with per-note velocity/duration/bend/y-axis values, any time signature, independent track step sizes and loop lengths, scales/drums/notes views, reverse play, live play while sequence plays, swing timing and more.
  • Expressive Swing Arpeggiator - LinnStrument's built-in Arpeggiator responds to all dimensions of movement for entirely new ways of beat-synced play. The Replay All mode creates chordal rhythms merely by varying chord pressure, and makes LinnStrument the world's only MPE beatbox.
  • Split Keyboard / Strum / CC Faders- You can split the keyboard to play two different sounds, and adjust the split point as you like. You can use one split to strum notes fingered on the other split as like a guitar. Or use either split as eight horizontal Control Change Faders to adjust 8 sound parameters in real time as you play.
  • Low Row - The lowest row of note pads can be reassigned to act as a Sustain Pedal, a Modulation or Bend strip, to momentarily enable the Arpeggiator (sliding your thumb to vary its rate), to restrike a fingered chord, or even as a 3D control strip, modulating three parameters at once.
  • Play on a table or standing - you can play it on a table like a keyboard, but at only 5 pounds (large model) and 1" thin, you can also use the included guitar strap pins to play it standing up like a guitar.
  • Single or Dual Foot Switch Input - Connect a standard single or dual foot switch for foot control of sustain, Arpeggiator, octaves, Tap Tempo, Control Change messages and more.
  • All Settings on front panel / Open Source software - All of LinnStrument's settings are available on the front panel so there's no need to fumble with computer editing software. And even with all of LinnStrument's versatility, we didn't want to limit how people would use it. So we released the software as open source, allowing you to customize everything.
  • 15.7" (399 mm) x 8.22" (209 mm) x 1" (25.4 mm)
  • 4 pounds
  • USB Type B jack (for data and bus power)
  • MIDI Input and MIDI Output jack
  • Foot Switch jack: 1/4" TRS, for dual or single foot switch, normally-closed or normally-open
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Roger Linn Design Linnstrument 128 Expression Instrument Reviews