Random SourceSerge VC Resonant Equalizer (VCRESEQ)


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Random Source Serge VC Resonant Equalizer (VCRESEQ)

Finally available after popular demand, the Serge Modular VC Resonant Equalizer by Random*Source packages the beloved Serge RESEQ into an expanded format with voltage control over each of the 10 bands. With the exception of the top and bottom bands, the Resonant EQ has garnered a reputation for its universally musical characteristics, thanks to most bands being spaced apart by Major 7ths rather than perfect octaves. This means that multiple bands won't overly resonate with the frequency contents of arbitrary signal inputs, leading to more versatility and usefulness on a variety of sounds.

Each band can boost or cut its corresponding frequencies by up to 12dB, and the CV control capabilities of this version make it more dynamic and magical than ever. Attenuverters for each allow you to define how much a control voltage will positively or negatively affect that band. Two inputs allow you to process multiple signals simultaneously without an external mixer, while a Feedback control allows you to introduce chaos and instability for a variety of delightful chirps, squelches, and squeals. In addition to dual main mix outputs, two Combination outputs give you some additional flexibility in routing and patching—though keep in mind that this module is designed for musicality and not mixing perfection, as moving any band will affect both outputs. Should you have the space to welcome it into your modular rack, the VCRESEQ would be a phenomenal addition to your Eurorack system and greatly expanding your sonic palette.

Serge VC Resonant Equalizer (VCRESEQ) Features

  • Expanded version of the classic Serge Resonant EQ
  • Most bands spaced apart by Major 7ths
  • 12dB of boost or cut available per band
  • CV inputs and attenuverters for each band
  • Two input channels
  • Feedback control
  • Dual mix outputs plus two Combination outputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 42hp
  • Depth: <25mm
  • Current draw: 220mA @ +12V, 200mA @ -12V
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