Old Blood Noise EndeavorsExcess Distortion Chorus / Delay Pedal


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Old Blood Noise Excess Distortion Chorus / Delay Pedal

Excess is many things. Some of the capabilities it affords include high gain distortion, chorus, and slapback delay—all available in series or parallel. It features individual volume controls for Distortion and Modulation, the latter of which can be altered via Stomp Switch. A convenient toggle switch alternates between series and parallel, with the former injecting the distortion into the modulation effect in a way that stacks their sound and volume, while the latter sums the effects to a single output for transparent modulation gliding upon a smeared layer of distortion.

Excess Features

  • Separate distortion and modulation effects
  • Series and Parallel modes
  • High gain distortion, chorus, and slapback delay effects
  • 9VDC - 2.1mm negative center pin adapter.
  • 60 mA draw.
Product Demo Videos
TT-78 With Geiger Counter Pro, Excess, Rainbow Machine and Shallow Water
For this video we ran the Cyclone Analogic TT-78 Drum Machine through three parallel effects chains and then mixed them back together with the Bastl Dude. One chain is the EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine V2 into The Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water, The other two effects are the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Excess and WMD Geiger Counter Pro
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Excess Distortion Chorus / Delay Pedal Reviews