Manhattan AnalogMA35 VCF & VCA


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Manhattan Analog MA35

Inspired by the renowned Korg MS-10, the Manhattan Analog MA35 is a VCF/VCA hybrid optimized for Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. The idea for the VCF portion of the module descends from the composition of the Korg 35 filter, though it incorporates discrete transistors in lieu of proprietary ICs. The module can be manually or remotely switched between low-pass to high-pass modes—simply flip the toggle switch or patch a control signal into the Mode jack. The MA35 also sports an audio mixer, which has been implemented into the module’s input. This makes it easy to overdrive signals or maintain a distinctly smooth sound. 

The MA35’s VCA section was inspired by the single transistor design present on the Korg MS-10, allowing it to impart a distinct sonic colorization that harkens to the glory days of its predecessor. As such, this is a particularly raunchy module, meaning its sonic characteristics will always be a slightly coarse and noisy. 

MA35 Features

  • Audio: 2x input, 1x output
  • CV inputs filter: 2x cutoff, 1x filter mode
  • CV inputs VCA: 1x gain and 1x mod
  • Eurorack Format
  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: 45mm
  • Current Draw: 5mA @ +12, 5mA @ -12
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