Manhattan AnalogCVP Control Voltage Processor


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Manhattan Analog CVP

The Manhattan Analog Control Voltage Processor, CVP for short, is a multifaceted module that packs a lot of punch in just 4hp. The module is a +/-5v offset, glide, and bipolar attenuator. It features twin outputs that execute a buffered replica of the input signal, meaning the module is capable of driving more than one input while maintaining signal integrity. This renders the CVP more than capable of handling pitch CVs. 

With the CVP in their arsenal, users can scale, invert, offset, or slew a signal before routing it to multiple destinations without any drops in voltage. The module can apply portamento to pitch CV inputs without marring the 1V/Oct scaling. Even better, the module can accomplish all of the above while still providing an extra output that users can route wherever they see fit.

CVP Features

  • +/-5V Offset
  • Glide (Slew)
  • Bipolar Attenuverter (Can go plus and negative)
  • Two Color LED for Plus(Red)/Negative(Green) Output
  • Eurorack Format
  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 38mm
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