Manhattan AnalogMVP Manual Voltage Processor


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Manhattan Analog MVP

The Manhattan Analog Manual Voltage Processor, MVP for short, lives up to its acronym in that it is indeed a most valuable player in terms of modular synthesizer utilities. Inherently multifarious, the model serves as a one-stop-shop for all things involving manual mixing, inverting, scaling, and distributing or offsetting audio and control voltage signals. 

The MVP is comprised of three sections: an attenuator/offset, a mixer, and multiples. The uppermost top portion of the module contains three separate attenuators, each is bipolar and outputs +/- 5V when nothing is patched into the input. The middle portion of the module is a four input mixer that can be converted into two separate two input mixers simply by patching a cable into into the “1+2” jack. The circuitry present in the mixer section is the same as that found in MA’s Mix module, meaning this section is ideal for processing audio but not so much for CV, especially pitch CV. The module’s bottom section consists of two 1:2 buffered multiples alongside two 1:3 passive multiples.

MVP Features

  • 3 Bi-polar Attenuverter/Offsets
  • 4 Input Mixer or Two Independent 2 Input Mixers
  • Two Buffered Multiples
  • Two Passive Multiples


  • Eurorack Format
  • 16 HP wide
  • 45mm deep (with cable)
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