Manhattan AnalogDTM CP3 Style Mixer


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Manhattan Analog DTM

The Manhattan Analog DTM is a CP3 style mixer based on the legendary circuit developed by Dr. Robert Moog. It features three inputs and uses completely discrete transistor topology without any op-amps, just like the original. The DTM provides both clipping distortion and delicate waveshaping effects. The module can be patched before or after the filter; before if one wishes to mix an oscillator’s waveforms before patching them into the filter and after for imparting some aggressiveness on the overall tone. 

The DTM’s gain stage features bipolar outputs, each with slightly different distortion flavors. There’s also an attenuverting knob for adjusting the output level in phase starting from zero, or adjusting the signal up to 180 degrees out of phase. This feature works impressively well with both audio and control voltages.

DTM Features

  • 3 Inputs 1 Output
  • 100% Discrete Transistor Topology
  • Attenuverting Output Knob
  • Original circuit by Dr. R.A. Moog, updated by Jason Coates
  • PCB and panel designed by Manhattan Analog – Built by San Pedro Labs
  • Eurorack Format
  • 4 HP Width
  • 39mm Depth
  • +12V/-12V: 12mA Current Draw
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