JoranalogueCompare 2 Dual Window Comparator


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Joranalogue Compare 2

The Compare 2 integrates the window comparator circuit into the world of Eurorack modular synthesis. Traditional comparators initialize when the input signal surpasses a specific threshold, whereas a window comparator investiagtes whether a voltage is present between two levels—hence the term "window".

This module fuses a traditional comparator and a window comparator with a logic section in a compact 8HP. The result is a handy tool that can siphon gates and pulses from analog signals.

All of the above and more renders the Compare 2 as one of the most indespensible multi-functional modules out there. It can process both CV and audio to aid in the generation of complex rhythms, dual PWM, frequency multiplication and division, VC swing, logic functions, and much more.

Compare 2 Features

  • Two independent analogue window comparators with voltage controlled parameters
  • Multi-colour LEDs show status at a glance
  • Normalisation between comparators simplifies common patches
  • Complementary gate outputs for each comparator
  • Logic section which combines the comparator outputs into AND, OR, XOR and flip-flop ('FF') signals, with LEDs
  • Precision-milled 2 mm anodised aluminium front panel with high-resolution, non-erasable graphics
  • Bullet-proof design: polarised power header and MOSFET protection circuit
  • Includes 16-to-10-pin Eurorack power ribbon cable
  • Premium mounting hardware: black screws, black nylon washers and matching hex key
  • High-quality components and assembly; designed and made in Belgium
  • Width: 8 HP
  • Current Draw: +12: 20 mA, −12: 15 mA
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