JoranalogueMix 3 3+1 Channel Voltage Controlled Audio Mixer


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Joranalogue Mix 3

The Mix 3 is a combination of four VCAs housed inside a compact 6HP configuration. It boasts high-end signal paths that afford low noise and wide headroom. Each of its three primary channels is configured for exponential response, though they are also DC-coupled, meaning they can also process CV signals.

A singular feature of the Mix 3 are its three CV inputs, which provide voltage control over the input signal levels. Even better, users can jettison their sound beyond unity gain and up to +20dB! Whenever something is patched into a CV in, the corresponding knob acts as a CV attenuator. It can also be pushed to clipping, which yields a gloriously overdriven sound and enables the module to function as a triple voltage controlled distortion processor.

Mix 3 Features

  • Analogue audio signal mixer with three high-end DC-coupled voltage controlled channels
  • Control knobs become attenuators when CV inputs are used 
  • Symmetrical clipping yields pure distortion tone 
  • White indicator LEDs with audio response for quick signal identification 
  • Additional 'D' direct unity gain inverting input
  • Jumper allows selection between standard or lowered (−20 dB) output level, for direct connection to line inputs 
  • Precision-milled 2 mm anodised aluminium front panel with high-resolution, non-erasable graphics
  • Bullet-proof design: polarised power header and MOSFET protection circuit
  • Includes 16-to-10-pin Eurorack power ribbon cable
  • Premium mounting hardware: black screws, black nylon washers and matching hex key
  • High-quality components and assembly; designed and made in Belgium

Maximum Current Draw:

  • +12 V: 30 mA 
  • −12 V: 25 mA 

Power Protection:

  • Reverse polarity (MOSFET)

I/O Impedance: 

  • All inputs: 100 kΩ Output: 0 Ω (compensated) 
  • Unity Gain Error: 0.5 dB maximum 


  • 36 kHz (−1 dB)

Outer Dimensions:

  • 128.5 x 30 x 43 mm (H x W x D)
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Joranalogue Mix 3 3+1 Channel Voltage Controlled Audio Mixer Reviews