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Intellijel Designs Quadrax

The Quadrax from Intellijel is a four-channel function generator module, great for complex envelopes and LFOs. Each of the channels has rise, fall, and shape controls. The shape goes from logarithmic rise/exponential fall, to linear, and finally exponential rise/logarithmic fall. There are four CV inputs that can be mapped to any parameter on any channel using a mod-matrix mode. The available parameters for CV control include; rise, fall, shape, and level. The Quadrax includes five modes; attack/decay, attack/sustain/release, cycle, pulse burst, and bi-polar LFO. In LFO mode, the rise knob sets the rate, the shape knob selects an LFO shape, and the fall control is a morph parameter, unique to each of the LFO shapes. Additionally in LFO mode, the trigger jack becomes a clock input that can sync to an incoming clock signal, with divisions/multiplications controlled by the rise knob. There are controls for internal syncing, with each envelope having the ability to sync to the previous envelope's trigger input, end of rise, or end of fall. End of rise and end of fall trigger outputs are available on the QX Quadrax expander. The module retains all routing options and states when powered down. With four independent or synced envelopes, the ability to create cycling envelopes or LFOs, and a complex modulation routing matrix, the Quadrax packs a lot of features into one module.

Quadrax Features

  • Quad function generator
  • Rise, fall, and shape control per channel
  • CV mod-matrix
  • A/D, A/S/R, cycling, pulse burst, and bipolar LFO modes
  • Clock sync in LFO mode
  • Each envelope can sync to the previous one
  • End of rise/fall outputs with expander
  • Retains all settings when powered down
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw: 106mA @ +12V, 9mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
The Intellijel Quadrax is Four Powerful Function Generators in 14HP
Intellijel's Quadrax is an updated version of the Quadra—their classic quadruple function generator. And while Quadra primarily emulated the behavior of classic Buchla and Serge function generators by creating AD, AR, and cycling envelopes, Quadrax does much more. In this video, it is paired with a Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas and Malekko Varigate 4+ to create intricate sequenced modulation patterns.

Digital at its core, Quadrax expands the quad function generator paradigm with a number of new features. Of course, AD/AR/cycling modes are still available—but expanded LFO and pulse burst modes are also available. Quadrax's LFOs are wavetable based and allow continuous variation of wave shape, for everything from classic triangles and squares to considerably more complex, pseudo-wavefolded shapes. Quadrax's bursts are variable-amplitude pulse signals, great for evolving, dynamic modulation.

All of this combined with complex options for interrelating channels via an integrated modulation matrix makes Quadrax an uncommonly advanced function generator—perfect for simple envelope duties, LFOs, and generative modulation.
Quadrax Channel Modes
The Intellijel Quadrax consists of four independent, CV-controllable channels, each of which can be configured to perform any one of the following functions:

an AD (Attack, Decay) envelope
an AHR (Attack, Hold, Release) envelope
a cycling envelope (resulting in a unipolar LFO)
a pulse burst generator (Finite repeated functions that ascend or descend in amplitude)
a morphing, bipolar beat syncable LFO
The envelopes all feature a continuously variable response curve, ranging from logarithmic through linear to exponential, and each stage can be as snappy as 0.3 ms to as lengthy as 20 seconds.

When set to Burst mode, the channel generates a rising or falling burst of pulses, with full control over the length of the pulse burst, the number and shape of the bursts within it, and whether the bursts increase or decrease in amplitude over the burst.

AD, AHR, Cycling and Burst modes all feature a user-selectable maximum output level of either 5V or 10V.

LFO mode offers control over the frequency and waveshape, while providing a unique morphing feature that creates numerous variations of the selected waveshape. LFOs can be either free-running or beat-synchronized using the channel’s TRIG input.

Channels can be chained together to create complex multi-stage envelopes, with each channel triggered by the previous channel’s trigger input, end-of-rise, or end-of-fall. This enables multiple function generators to fire simultaneously, or it enables the creation of complex multi-stage envelopes by allowing the linked function to fire either at the end of the previous function’s rise time, or at the end of its fall time.

Four freely-assignable, step-attenuverted CV inputs are capable of modulating any or all of the various parameters across all four channels using the built-in CV matrix, and built-in attenuversion for each assignment.

Quadrax remembers its current state (Mode and CV assignments, channel links, etc) and retains that state even if power is removed, meaning Quadrax will always turn on in exactly the same state as you last left it.

Use the optional Qx module to add individual outputs for each channel’s End-of-Rise and End-of-Fall triggers.
Intellijel Designs Quadrax Function Generator Reviews