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Intellijel Designs Outs

Intellijel's Outs follows in the steps of their uJack, providing any Eurorack system with balanced TRS and stereo headphone outputs. Outs offers independent level control for its TRS and headphone outputs, making it simple to adjust each to taste. The left input is normalled to the right input as well, so upmixing mono signals to stereo output is a breeze. Easily interface your modular system with external effects, audio interfaces, mixers, or discreetly jam with a set of headphones: Outs has all of these scenarios covered.

Outs Features

  • Stereo output module for Eurorack synthesizers
  • Headphone and 1/4" TRS balanced outputs with independent level controls
  • Left input normalized to Right input for easy mono-to-stereo upmixing
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 37mA @ +12V, 29mA @ -12V
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Introduction to Outs
Outs enables your modular system to output both professional and prosumer compliant audio, and send it to external amplifiers, mixers, recording devices, or DAW interfaces. Using the L+R Level knob, it scales modular-level voltages down to the level required to drive external gear at either the +4dBu balanced professional line-level standard or the -10 dbV unbalanced standard.

Headphone monitoring is also provided via a low noise built-in headphone amp (with its own independent level control), capable of driving a wide range of impedances — from studio grade headphones to portable style earbuds.

To use Outs, simply connect the final output of your patch to the ⅛” inputs (where the built-in activity LEDs light up to indicate the presence and intensity of the input signal). The left input is normalled to the right, so you can create a stereo signal from a mono source. Or if you have an Intellijel Mixup, you can remove a jumper from its rear panel, and connect it to the Outs module using the 3-pin link cable included with the Mixup.

Headphone amp capable of driving high impedance headphones via a 1/4″ stereo Neutrik jack.
Two channel, +4dBu balanced line level outputs on TRS 1/4″ Neutrik jacks (fully compatible with -10 dbV unbalanced audio gear).
Left input is normalled to the Right input, allowing a mono input signal to drive both stereo output channels.
LEDs to monitor the modular-level signal sent into the device.
Attenuator knob for the line out level, plus a separate volume control for headphones.
3-pin link connector on the back for connecting the output of a Mixup module directly to the Outs module.
Intellijel Designs Outs Output Interface Reviews