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Herbs and StonesGentle Wham Drum Synthesizer


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Herbs and Stones Gentle Wham

Capable of rolling rhythms or droning soundscapes, the Herbs and Stones Gentle Wham is a six-voice analog drum module that can insert itself into any gate-happy setup. Of the six available voices, five offer unique analog percussion modeling that give you a variety of tones and noise to shape fantastic sounds. Each voice has a distinct timbre, with individual controls that replicate stylings from classic-sounding to utterly destructive kicks, snares, rim shots, hi hats, and so on. The sixth voice uses an external input as its sound generator and can be played and shaped based off gate signals, offering a wide range of textural shaping in your sound design.

Controls you'll find on each channel of Gentle Wham include dedicated decay, volume, mute switch, and manual gate, all of which are super performable and easily accessible in a wonderfully linear layout. Gentle Wham's gated decay-based envelopes can be turned off and switched into a drone mode when you push and hold down all the manual gate buttons. On the master output, all tracks are summed through a CV-controllable, 2-pole resonant filter with controllable cutoff and resonance. This filter not only can act as a lowpass or highpass filter, but also offers control over the blend between these two flavors—an option for timbral morphing that allows Gentle Wham to be heard more as a singular instrument rather than just another drum module.

What makes Gentle Wham pleasant for any setup is sheer number of inputs and outputs, making it a super flexible drum module to sequence and process externally. Each of the six voices can be sequenced and played via 1/8" input or banana jack, making it super accessible for Eurorack sequencing or incorporating the tasty banana outputs from Herbs and Stones' Liquid Foam. For external processing, Gentle Wham has individual 1/8" outputs at the top of each channel, perfect for multitracking, sound design, and patching into your Eurorack system. When using an individual output, Gentle Wham will exclude that voice from the master output.

Flexible enough for multiple use cases while still providing a solid foundation of sound, Gentle Wham is a secret weapon for any setup to make your audience woo and shake.

Gentle Wham Features

  • Six voice analog drum module
  • Sequence-able via CV/gate from both 1/8" and banana jacks
  • Dedicated trigger/hold buttons
  • Mute switch per channel
  • Individual 1/8" outputs that exclude from master output when in use
  • Master track includes a CV controllable 2-pole resonant filter with a morphable lowpass/highpass
  • Decay and volume control per channel
  • 1/4" external input and 1/4" master output
  • Banana jack ground on rear
  • Power: universal 9V PSU (included)
  • Dimensions: TBD
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Gentle Jams on the Gentle Wham : Analog Drum-Drone-Synthesizer from Herbs and Stones (JUST SOUNDS)
One part drum machine, one part drone synth, complete and total fun : the Gentle Wham by Herbs and Stones is a unique and flexible piece of kit that can be played by hand, or combined with any banana or eurorack compatible synthesizer / sequencer / control surface.
Herbs and Stones Gentle Wham Drum Synthesizer Reviews