Industrial Music ElectronicsPiston Honda MKIII Dual Wavetable Oscillator


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Industrial Music Electronics Piston Honda mk3

Synthesists beware, there's a new menace in town—and much to the chagrin of it's older sibling, this one doubles down on its Banzai Rush. The Piston Honda mk3 maintains the character of its previous incarnation, while incorporating some punishing new combos. Where the infamous Piston Honda mk2 features a single oscillator consisting of 4,096 8-bit waveforms organized across a 16x16x16 "cube", the mk3 houses 512 16-bit waveforms arranged in an 8x8x8 configuration. Just like its predecessor, the waveforms operate at full resolution and can be manipulated manually with sliders or remotely via CV. Unlike the mk2, which only accepts CV in the range of 0-5v, the mk3's CV inputs accept both positive and negative voltages. Another welcome upgrade is the module's preset manager, which is operable via CV. This enhancement pulls all the punches by allowing users to store and recall specific configurations then morph between those presets! Who knew the fourth dimension was so unabashedly infernal?

In terms of visual apprehension, the mk3 adds even more precision to its ilk's well-documented cruelty with the addition of a 128x32 OLED display. More than a mere window into Cocytus, the display provides immediate visual indication of the selected waveform and its frequency, as well as preset and wave selections. When used in tandem with something like Argos Bleak, tuning and executing become insidiously simple. Another malevolent modification is the inclusion of a micro-SD slot, which offers users a quick and effective means of loading their own 16-bit waveforms into the module (much more convenient than the esoteric ROM burning ritual). The module is compatible with files created via the Synthesis Technology WaveEdit program.

Piston Honda mk3 Features

  • Dual wavetable oscillator
  • Sophisticated preset manager
  • Integrated oscilloscope display; selectable for either oscillator
  • 128x32 OLED display provides indication of frequency, current preset, and wave selection
  • Voltage-controlled preset manager with space for 8 presets
  • Three banks of 8 16-bit waveforms
  • Menu editing executable via rotary encoder
  • Osc 2's frequency controls can be slaved to Osc 1
  • Each oscillator features a slaved unison detune oscillator
  • FM input of each oscillator doubles as audio input for nonlinear waveshaper
  • Waveform banks consist of additive harmonic formations, LFSR progressions, and waveforms derrived from renowned synthesizers
  • Micro-SD slot on front panel for loading custom waveforms
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 17HP
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Current draw: 105mA@+12V; 35mA@-12V
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Product Demo Videos
54HP Episode 5: Wave Machine
On episode 5 of 54HP we put together “The Wave Machine” which is based around the Piston Honda MKIII dual wavetable oscillator. A Noise Engineering clock/divider and sequencer were used to control the Piston Honda. For modulation there is the Quadra which can be used as envelopes or LFOs. There is a Cinnamon state variable filter and dual VCA to control dynamics and harmonics and a delay for effects.

Module List:
Noise Engineering Horologic Solum
Noise Engineering Mimetic Digitalis
Industrial Music Electronics Piston Honda MKIII
Intellijel Quadra
Bastl Cinnamon
2HP Delay
Industrial Music Electronics Piston Honda MKIII Dual Wavetable Oscillator Reviews