Future Sound SystemsOSC2 Recombination Engine Triple Oscillator


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Future Sound Systems OSC2 Recombination Engine

By no means your standard take on the triple oscillator, the Future Sound Systems OSC2 Recombination Engine provides a new architecture for patching and sound design with analog oscillators. Utilizing a primary Scissor oscillator, the Recombination Engine splices the two secondary oscillators named Positive and Negative DNA into a combined Glue output that yields wild new timbres.

The Scissor oscillator determines the rate at which Positive and Negative DNA are combined, with a switch for LFO or audio-rate oscillation. Per the abrupt nature of splicing, the DNA oscillators are joined by the variable pulse wave output of the Scissor oscillator, with full range pulse width control over the splicing waveform. This allows for a half-and-half split between the Positive and Negative components, full bias towards one or the other, and everything in between. There's also individual outputs for triangle, square, and ramp waveforms, allowing standard oscillator usage of Scissor as a sound source or further sound sculpting by self-patching. Two FM inputs each with their dedicated switch for linear or exponential frequency modulation add further sophistication in sound design.

Both DNA oscillators offer variable levels of sine, triangle, and ramp waves into the Glue section. Bringing the level up past unity will begin to bypass the splicing by the Scissor oscillator, allowing for layering of drones beneath the timbral madness at play. Additionally, each DNA oscillator has its own V/oct and FM inputs, although it's possible to cascade incoming pitch sequences from the Scissor oscillator thanks to the CV Lock switch. The Glue section contains a dedicated VCA with internal inputs from the Mix outputs of each oscillator, as well as an external input allowing for rich AM patching from elsewhere on the Recombination Engine or externally in your system.

With no shortage of potential for sound design with the unique splicing architecture, combined with an abundance of FM and AM options, the Recombination Engine promises to excel at providing an abundance of variety in timbre ranging from subtle, pulses to aggressive, audio-rate destruction.

OSC2 Recombination Engine Features

  • Fully analog triple oscillator
  • Scissor Oscillator splices between Positive and Negative DNA Oscillators
  • Independent V/Oct tracking available on all three oscillators
  • Extensive frequency modulation potential
  • Glue section where DNA components are spliced together
  • Built-in VCA
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 32hp
  • Depth: 50mm
  • Current draw: 170 @ +12V, 120 mA @ -12V
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