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Eventide H90 Harmonizer

Setting the new bar that any powerful multi-effects processors should look up to, Eventide's H90 Harmonizer pedal flawlessly covers effects ranging from delays, pitch-shifting, and more, all with the ability to run two algorithms at the same time. Building on the platform established by the H9, H90 is the most powerful pedal Eventide has ever produced. You could think of H90 as two H9s in one pedal, but it also packs in numerous new effect algorithms, routing options, and performance features that transcend the capabilities of traditional guitar pedals. And with a completely overhauled screen-based interface, H90 is a pedal that you'll always want to be tweaking.

H90 offers a total of 66 different effects algorithms: 52 returning from the H9, and 14 all-new effects taking advantage of H90's impressive processing power. Among these, the Polyphonic algorithm sticks out—it makes use of Eventide's proprietary Spectral Instantaneous Frequency Tracking technology, or SIFT for short. The result is stunning, as even the most dissonant chords and timbres are shifted with perfection. Regardless of your chosen effects, you can use two of H90's algorithms simultaneously, which means you can stack delay into reverb, tremolo into chorus, or any other combination that your heart desires.

With two effects algorithms available at once, H90 also provides incredible flexibility in arranging signal flow. Series and Parallel routings are easily achieved, but even more possibilities are available with external effects. Unlike most pedals, H90 has four inputs and four outputs, with the secondary pairs available for use as two mono inserts or a single stereo loop. Insert loops may be placed anywhere on the effects path, whether it's before, after, or in between H90's algorithm blocks. Alternatively, head into the Global Settings and enable dual mode, which decouples the algorithms into their own independent signal paths, allowing you to set up four-cable method connections with your amp, process two stereo instruments independently, or any other niche audio scenario.

H90's effects and audio routing is only part of the story though, for this pedal sports incredible control capabilities. In Perform mode, you can assign effects parameters to macro-style HotKnobs, instantly recall settings with scene-like HotSwitches, or keep a handful of essential controls at your disposal by assigning them to the QuickKnobs beneath the screen. But if that's not enough for you, H90 also offers two controller ports for expression pedals and auxiliary footswitches, as well as MIDI control over USB-C or traditional 5-pin DIN. Nearly every aspect of an effect may be assigned to an external controller, along with numerous global H90 parameters.

Along with all that you can do on H90 itself, Eventide also offers a companion H90 Control app to configure the pedal from a computer. But the app also provides a graphic interface for quickly adjusting any parameter in real-time, as well as helpful preset and program backups. Considering how powerful it is, calling H90 a pedal almost seems like a disservice. But like the H9 and the other Harmonizer rack units that came before, H90 is a rare instance of a jack-of-all-trades and master of all when it comes to effects processing.

H90 Harmonizer Features

  • Dual multi-effects pedal
  • Includes 64 algorithms of premium Eventide effects
  • Powerful ARM-based processor
  • Run two algorithms per program
  • Contains all 52 algorithms from the H9 Max
  • 14 new algorithms (as of the latest firmware) never before seen in Eventide pedals:
    • Polyphony - polyphonic pitch shifter
    • Prism Shift - polyphonic arepeggiator
    • Bouquet Delay - high-quality BBD emulation
    • Head Space - four-head tape delay emulation
    • Weedwacker - dual-stage Tubescreamer-like overdrive
    • Even-vibe - authentic Uni-Vibe tones
    • Wormhole - interstellar pitch warping reverb
    • Instant Flanger - recreation of Eventide's classic studio flanger
    • Instant Phaser - recreation of Eventide's classic studio phaser
    • SP2016 Reverb - recreation of Eventide's classic studio reverb
    • PolyFlex - polyphonic dive bombs, whammy, and more
    • PolySynth - three-voice pitch-tracking synthesizer
    • Aggravate - octave-up fuzz
    • Sticky Tape - stereo tape deck emulation
  • Program spillover
  • Series and parallel routing options
  • Four audio inputs, four audio outputs
  • Additional I/O for insert loops or dual processing modes
  • Two control ports for expression pedals or auxiliary footswitches
  • 5-pin MIDI DIN input and output/thru
  • Flexible expression and MIDI control assignments
  • Screen and encoders for easy parameter adjustments
  • H90 Control software for deep parameter editing via USB on macOS and Windows, or Bluetooth with macOS and iPad
  • USB-C port for MIDI, connection to Control app, and firmware updates
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 5.25 x 2.5"
  • Power Specs: 12VDC @ 1A (PSU Included)
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Product Demo Videos
Eventide H90 : The Greatest Multi-Effect of All Time : Multi Algorithm Mayhem
The new H90 Harmonizer multi-effects pedal from Eventide takes everything we love about the H9 and makes it even better!
With the ability to run two effects at once and a new screen-based interface, it's easier than ever to craft the wildest effects imaginable. And with ten brand new algorithms, additional audio I/O, and flexible parameter assignments to onboard and external control sources, H90 pushes the multi-fx pedal paradigm into the future.
Introducing the Eventide H90 Harmonizer® Pedal
Go Beyond the Effect Horizon. The H90 Harmonizer® is Eventide's next-generation multi-effects pedal. Whether you want high-quality bread-and-butter effects or experimental sounds unheard, the H90 has everything you need to inspire your creativity with an intuitive UI designed with players in mind. Discover why top artists and producers have chosen Eventide through the years with 62 effect algorithms and hundreds of Program combinations curated for a variety of instruments and genres. With its comprehensive I/O and flexible routing options, the H90 is designed to be the heart of your rig.
Eventide H90 Harmonizer Multi-Effects Pedal Reviews