ElektronAnalog Rytm MKII 8 Voice Drum Computer + Sampler (Black)


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Elektron Analog Rytm MKII Black

Back and better than ever, the Analog Rytm MkII is Elektron's flagship drum machine, combining eight tracks of powerful analog percussion synthesis with sampling plus unmatched sequencing capabilities—and now it's dressed up in an alluring black package. Quite possibly the most feature-packed drum machine on the market, the Analog Rytm also sports built-in delay, reverb, distortion, and compression effects, and offers abundant flexibility in sound and pattern management. Add in class-compliant USB audio and MIDI functionality plus support for Elektron's Overbridge software, and you have an endlessly flexible instrument suited for use both on the stage and in the studio.

Though the Analog Rytm has eight voices, there are actually 12 drum tracks to work with at once, with certain elements paired into choke groups as seen on other drum machines, such as the open and closed hi-hats. All tracks combine the best of both analog and digital worlds, resulting in highly flexible sound circuits to be explored. To make the sound design process more immediate on the analog side, the Analog Rytm presents track modes in archetypes known as Machines, with each offering certain parameterizations that aim to lead you towards specific sounds. Many of these are built with specific purposes in mind, like BD Hard and SD Natural, but others like the Noise Generator and Dual VCO are more general-purpose Machines to be used in crafting textures, melodic or bass lines, and more.

Alongside the Analog Rytm's voice circuits, it's also possible to layer in sampled elements. Whether you opt to load in your own samples for unique textures or you're more interested in directly sampling sounds from other instruments—or the Rytm itself—the Analog Rytm's sampling capabilities are powerful yet streamlined for immediacy. Trimming down samples is straightforward, and there's a helpful option to begin recording once the input source crosses a certain volume threshold. Sampling can even be done over USB, which means that anything from scrapped demos to random internet videos can become source material for your next track.

Each and every drum track on the Analog Rytm contains analog overdrive and filtering, making it plenty capable of sounds ranging from edgy to smooth. These elements, as well as the analog and digital voice elements and sample engines, are subjected to an array of exacting digital control methods—between the sequencer and LFO and envelope generators available per track, you're well equipped to tackle any drum sound design task.

But like any Elektron product, the Analog Rytm comes alive with its powerful sequencing capabilities. Nearly every parameter may be modified on a per-step basis, with conditional options, mute, accent, fills, and more available at any time to create highly dynamic sequence patterns. Apply Sound Locks to change sounds in an instant, creating even more sonic variety and getting as much mileage as possible out of the 12 tracks. Even the effects can be sequenced, adding a level of integration you'd be hard-pressed to find outside of a DAW. And once you've set up a few sequencer patterns that you like, you can string them together in Chains or Songs—instantly building up a set of bangin' grooves.

Analog Rytm is powerful on its own, but it's a great team player, too. Its two MIDI outputs can link up timing between other pieces of gear and may be optionally configured for DIN Sync to support vintage pieces. If you're a fan of effects processing or multi-tracking the old-school way, the Rytm sports individual outs for all of its eight voices. But for the new-school method, Elektron's Overbridge streams all individual tracks over USB, presenting them as dedicated input sources in your DAW. There are plenty of classic drum machines out there, but if you're looking for a modern, flexible instrument to push the limits of percussion sound design, you just might find your match in the Analog Rytm.

Analog Rytm MKII Features

  • 8 Drum voices
  • Analog percussion + sampling
  • Built-in FX
  • Sampling capability
  • Crisp, large OLED screen providing optimal feedback in dimly lit environments
  • Ultra durable back-lit buttons. Rated for 50 million presses
  • Precise, hi-res encoders
  • Quick performance controls
  • Large pads for maximum playability
  • Increased amount of dedicated buttons enabling quicker workflow
  • Expression/CV inputs for external control of Analog Rytm MKII parameters
  • Balanced sampling inputs
  • Overbridge with higher bandwidth
  • Stealth black cast aluminum enclosure
  • 1 × ¼″ headphones output
  • 2 × ¼″ impedance balanced main output
  • 8 × ¼″ impedance balanced mono voice output
  • 2 × ¼″ balanced sampling input
  • 2 × ¼″ external input
  • 2 × ¼″ expression/CV input
  • 1 × USB 2.0 High Speed port
  • MIDI IN/OUT/THRU ports with DIN Sync Out
  • Ultra crisp 128 × 64 OLED screen
  • Precise hi-res encoders
  • Durable back-lit buttons
  • W385 × D225 × H82 mm (15.2 × 8.85 × 3.3″) including knobs, power switch and rubber feet
  • Weight approx. 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)
  • Fully compatible with Analog Rytm MKI projects/data
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Elektron Analog RYTM MKII
The Mark 2 version of the Elektron Analog RYTM is here and this video shows how it can be used as a live performance tool. The RYTM MKII has 8 analog drum voices with multiple different algorithms for each one and 12 sequencer tracks. The RYTM MKII also has sampling capability and built in effects.
Analog Rytm MKII — At a Glance
Analog Rytm MKII is an analog/digital beat making dream machine. Everything – from the state of the art aluminium enclosure, via the large pads, to the new quick performance controls – is a direct result of the quest for rhythmical excellence. And now you can sample with it too.
Elektron Analog Rytm MKII 8 Voice Drum Computer + Sampler (Black) Reviews