ElektronECC-7 Gig Bag


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Elektron ECC-7

This padded bag was designed specifically for use with Elektron's MkII grooveboxes, providing an ideal and comfortable way to transport your gear. While developed with the Analog Four MkII, Analog RYTM MkII, and Octatrack in mind, this bag also includes an internal divider for accommodating their smaller format gear, such as the Analog Heat MkII, Digitone, and Digitakt. The padded design and external pocket make it comfortable and easy to transport your Elektron gear and any necessary accessories.

ECC-7 Features

  • Padded bag great for Elektron synths and drum machines
  • Front and back padding for keeping your gear safe during transport
  • Designed for use with A4 MkII, RYTM MkII, or Octatrack MkII
  • Includes adjustable divider for Analog Heat MkII, Digitakt, or Digitone
  • Front pocket for storing PSUs, cables, or other accessories
  • Dimensions: TBD
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Elektron ECC-7 Gig Bag Reviews