DreadboxHysteria Quantized VCO


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Dreadbox Hysteria

Hysteria from Dreadbox is a VCO with built-in quantizer that is great for melodic sequencing. The quantizer button turns the quantization on and off, making it easy to switch between continuous and stepped tonal pitch control. While quantized, the far right slider controls octave, while the slider controls semitone. While unquantized, octave becomes coarse tune and semitone becomes fine tune. The quantizer automatically snaps incoming CV signals to musical notes, keeping everything in tune.

The pitch of the oscillator can be modulated by the 1V/oct input, CV input with attenuator, octave, and semitone inputs, providing a vast array of pitch modulation options. Additionally, Hysteria can be hard synced to external oscillators using the sync input. The outputs include a pulse output for use as a clock or sync source and a multi-waveform output. The waveform goes from pulse to sine wave with variable waveshape in the middle. Some of the waveshapes feature adjustable width control. Waveshapes that do not have width control are indicated with a dot on the panel.

Hysteria is an easy to use oscillator with variable waveshape and integrated quantizer that provides lush and thick sounds with plenty of modulation inputs.

Hysteria Features

  • Variable waveshape VCO
  • Built-in quantizer keeps everything in tune
  • Octave/coarse and semitone/fine adjustment of pitch
  • Multi-waveform design with adjustable width for certain waveforms
  • Hard sync input
  • CV input with attenuator
  • Pulse output
  • 16Hz–32kHz frequency range
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 114mA @ +12V, 46mA @ -12V
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Dreadbox Hysteria Quantized VCO Reviews