DreadboxEudemonia Dual Filter


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Dreadbox Eudemonia

Eudemonia is a filter, mixer, and VCA that controls the dynamics and frequency content of up to three input signals. The mixer combines three input sources before they go to the filter and VCA. The mixer can add gain to the input signals, overdriving them for thicker sounds. The filter section features both a resonant 24dB/oct low pass filter and a non-resonant 18dB/oct high pass filter in series, allowing the creation of band pass filter effects.

The resonance of the low pass filter can get pretty wild at high settings, creating growling filter tones or sine wave oscillation. Both filters include CV control, plus the low pass filter features a 1V/oct input for tracking along with sequences. The VCA comes after the filter and features initial level and exponential CV control. Eudemonia brings together mixing, filtering, and volume control in one package with simple but intuitive controls.

Eudemonia Features

  • Mixer, VCA, and filter
  • Resonant 24dB/oct low pass filter that can self-oscillate
  • Non-resonant 18dB/oct high pass filter
  • Filters in series to create band pass filter
  • Three-channel mixer that can add additional gain and overdrive signals
  • Exponential VCA
  • 1V/oct tracking on low pass filter
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 61mA @ +12V, 69mA @ -12V
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