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Dreadbox Dystopia

Dystopia from Dreadbox is a bitcrusher, noise source, and dual filter that can generate and process signals with unpredictable results. If you need the potential for devastating sonic degradation and shaping, look no further.

The high pass filter filters the internal noise to create blue noise and the low pass filter filters the noise to pink noise. Both of these filters are nonresonant 12dB/oct and there is CV control over the filters. The bitcrusher uses a sample and hold and internal clock to create a bitcrushed noisy signal or a traditional sample and hold at lower sampling speeds. There is CV control over the number of bits to downsample or reduce the overall sample and hold clock rate. The random gates or digital noise are tied to the bitcrusher, and the Odds slider sets the probability that a gate will fire or the pulse width of the digital noise. Scatter noise is controlled by the bit rate and the odds from the digital noise, and provides sputtering bursts of noise.

Plugging into the external input overrides the internal noise generator and can be used to create stair stepped signals from LFOs or bitcrush external audio. The Odds control sets a threshold and outputs a gate whenever the input signal crosses that threshold. The filters are both still active for shaping the input signal.

Dystopia acts as a source of unpredictability, with the ability to process external signals or generate either audio or CV signals—making it a versatile tool for your Eurorack system.

Dystopia Features

  • Noise source, bit-crusher, filter
  • 12dB low pass filter for generating pink noise
  • 12dB high pass filter for generating blue noise
  • Sample and hold based bitcrusher with variable sample rate
  • Digital noise/random gates with adjustable threshold/width
  • Scatter provides bursts of noise
  • External input overrides internal noise
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 56mA @ +12V, 67mA @ -12V
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Dreadbox Dystopia Noise / Bitcrusher / Filter Reviews