Cre8audioNiftyKEYZ Keyboard Eurorack Case - 3U / 112HP


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Cre8audio NiftyKEYZ

Create your customized dream synth with the Cre8audio NiftyKEYZ, a 112HP Eurorack case with a built-in 49-key keyboard. Several built-in utilities, such as four CV/Gate outs, two 3:1 mults, and audio outputs makes it easy to populate the case with tasty sound sources. A comfortable 49-note keybed with aftertouch gives you healthy working range of notes, while the transposition switch moves up or down an octave to fill in any gaps. A pitch bend and mod wheel let you express yourself effortlessly, plus the built-in LFO can be controlled by the mod wheel with a simple press of a key.

Not only does this work exceptionally with Eurorack, but the NiftyKEYZ has USB and 5-pin MIDI in/out so you can easily sequence your rack with a DAW or use this as a comfortable MIDI keyboard. Switch between several different modes including a full featured arpeggiator and auto-chord mode. Assign the CV/Gate outputs to work in polyphonic mode, mono, or split voice.

The NiftyKEYZ from Cre8audio has functionality and style that will work in any studio or for any live performer who wants to fully customize their keyboard-driven instrument.

NiftyKEYZ Features

  • Full-size 49 key synth-action keybed with aftertouch
  • 112HP of space for Eurorack modules
  • 4x CV/gate outs can be split by keyboard zone and used polyphonic or monophonic modes
  • Multimode arpeggiator
  • Auto-chord function
  • Transpose +/- 1 octave
  • Glide control
  • Internal clock with swing and divisions
  • Multimode LFO
  • 2x Buffered mults
  • Sustain and expression pedal inputs
  • 2x Audio outputs
  • MIDI I/O via USB and 5-pin
  • Power: 1200mA @ +12v, 1000mA @ -12v, 1000mA @ +5v
  • Voltage Range: CV Outs 1–4, 0–+10v
  • CV outs are only positive
  • Dimensions: 27.5 x 14 x 5 in / 70 x 36 x 13 cm
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Introducing NiftyKEYZ - from Cre8audio
An epic melding of keyboard, MIDI, case, and control voltage into the wonderful and whimsical world of modular synthesis.

NiftyKEYZ melds a utility-packed eurorack format modular synthesizer case into a modern MIDI controller keyboard, enabling you to configure your own “dream synth” out of eurorack format components/modules.

Much more than a eurorack case with a MIDI controller attached to it, NiftyKEYZ sets out to redefine the idea of what a synthesizer keyboard can be.

NiftyKEYZ first and foremost offers keyboard & MIDI control over 4 CV + Gate outs. NiftyKEYZ’s MIDI implementation enables the use of each of its 4 CV + Gate outs as either a part of a fully patchable polyphonic instrument or on their own monophonically. Additionally, each voice can be split across multiple MIDI zones on the keyboard. For example, it is possible to create a 4 voice polyphonic instrument or a 3 voice instrument in part of the keyboard range, while splitting another voice into a monophonic instrument elsewhere.  The possibilities just begin there.

NiftyKEYZ also has a plethora of powerful performance functions that add expressivity and flexibility. These include a multi-mode arpeggiator, multi-mode clock synced LFO, aftertouch, velocity, sustain/latch mode, internal clock, expression out, and much more. All of these performance features are tied to CV outs, providing an unprecedented amount of modulation and control possibilities. Adding dimensions of depth to instruments is easy.

NiftyKEYZ’s CV & audio capabilities don't end with its performance capabilities. You may also appreciate the integrated 2x buffered mults as well as the 2x outputs and headphone out with dedicated controls. 

Beyond NiftyKEYZ’s modular synthesis capabilities, it is also a very capable USB and 5 pin Din MIDI controller and device. It can not only take midi in from computers and external MIDI devices but also send MIDI back out to control them. Use NiftyKEYZ to control software-based instruments, other MIDI instruments, and/or let it be sequenced from DAWs, MIDI controllers, and sequencers.
Cre8audio NiftyKEYZ Keyboard Eurorack Case - 3U / 112HP Reviews