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Cre8audioFunction Junction


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Cre8audio Function Junction

The Function Junction from Cre8audio is the missing piece to your patch—providing envelope generation, an LFO, and modulation mixing all in one module. Top-mounted CV patch points make cable management a breeze and the layout is intuitive. A full ADSR envelope lies in the first section, capable of looping and generating extremely long envelopes. A function generator in the second section gives you attack and decay with curve adjustment for generating sharp percussive blips or soft, round hits. The third section is a single rate knob that lets you control the LFO. All three sections have dedicated outputs, but the real fun comes by using the Mix output and corresponding attenuverters. Create dynamic, complex modulations that are incredibly playable and self-patch for organic movement or controlled chaos. The Function Junction is great for any rack looking for a versatile modulation module that can generate all manner of simple-to-complex shapes.

Function Junction Features

  • Multi-function modulation module: envelope, LFO, slew limiter, mixer, envelope follower
  • ADSR outputs 0–+10v, switchable Loop mode
  • Function outputs +/-5v, switchable Loop mode
  • Function Mod switch for modulating attack, decay or both
  • Switchable sustain in the function section
  • Simultaneous Square and Triangle LFO outputs
  • LFO voltage range: +/-8v
  • 3 Channel attenuverting mixer
  • OR Output sends highest signal
  • Mix output sends a mix of all three sources
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 130mA @ +12V, 70mA @ -12V
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Cre8audio Function Junction - ADSR, Function Generator, LFO, & Mixer
Traditionally many-in-one multi-function modules are compromised of abstract functions and controls that when patched together can create basic or complex utilities. Often these modules are challenging to use and have some inherent limitations due to their abstract nature.

Cre8audio & Pittsburgh Modular’s take on the many-in-one multi-function module destroys these limitations by eliminating the abstract. Each section of the Function Junction’s user interface is clearly separated into dedicated utility types with controls that will be instantly familiar to you. This approach increases capabilities and speed of creation while at the same time becoming much more approachable for users of all levels.

Function Junction has dedicated ADSR, Function Generator, and LFO sections. Each section performs as you would expect. However, Cre8audio and Pittsburgh don’t stop there, knowing that you’ll want some deeper functionality sprinkled in for good measure. Intuitive normaling, clever looping, and external modulation add luscious layers of possibilities.

The integrated attenuverting mixer ties all of the sections together, or not… Each section is routed by default through the attenuverers of the mixer but can also be repatched at your whim.

The magic in the module is that each of its sections stands strongly on their own, but also can be easily used together to create interesting and complex functions.

With its dedicated utilities and its 16 patch points, flowing from creating complex modulation or juggling multiple essential tasks is an easy feat for Function Junction’s users.
Cre8audio Function Junction Reviews