Ciat-LonbardeDin Datin Dudero Stuber Stereo Filter


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Each Ciat-Lonbarde instrument features a unique wood grain, no two are identical!

Ciat-Lonbarde Din Datin Dudero Stuber

Ciat-Lonbarde's Stuber is a stereo filter that is effortlessly playable and endlessly fascinating. Two large jog wheels control the filter frequency with smaller knobs to control the resonance. 3.5mm inputs and outputs connect the Stuber with your audio world and the myriad patch points are designed for exploration. Designed to replicate the experience of circuit bending, you can discover wild things or nothing and everything in between. Stuber from Ciat-Lonbarde is a great way to play audio using a deceptively simple effect by adding exceptional modulation.

Din Datin Dudero Stuber Features

  • Stereo filter
  • Exploratory patching environment
  • Two filter cutoff jog wheels
  • Resonance controls
  • Randomizer reset button
  • Power: 12v PSU included
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