ZoomMSH-6 Mid-Side Microphone Capsule


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Zoom MSH-6

The Zoom MSH-6 is a mid-side microphone capsule, perfect for shaping the stereo field of a recording. It features two microphone elements, the mid, a forward-facing, unidirectional mic and a side-facing bi-directional mic, the side. These two elements work together to capture a stereo image that can be adjusted on the Zoom recorder or post-recording and is equally suited for mono applications. The MSD-6 is compatible with Zoom U-44, H5, H6, Q8, F4, F8, as well as ECM-3 extension cable for microphone capsules.

MSH-6 Features

  • Mid-side microphone capsule
  • Forward facing unidirectional mic
  • Side facing bi-directional mic
  • Stereo image can be adjusted post-recording
  • Microphone capsule for select Zoom recorders
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